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Bizvid Communications may be based in San Diego County, but we are often called on to apply our skills and experience in other cities and states within this nation.  And, we do the same thing in other nations around the world.

Nationally, since San Diego is a destination city for many conferences and seminars coming from around the nation, it is not unusual to have clients hire us when they come to town, and then seek our services in other locations, as well.

Our client relationships are known for going the distance, literally. East, west, north or south, Bizvid Communications’ clients trust us to carry our dependability where ever they send us, whether to video tape some of their national clients or to support their different conferences or venues held in other states.

One of the benefits of using Bizvid Communications on a national and international scale often comes down to our work ethic and our reasonable travel strategies.  While sometimes it makes sense to take an entire crew to an out-of-state or out-of-country location, most often BizVid’s producers and directors will hire crew from the area where we have been asked to videotape. While we are able to maintain our high quality with the finished video production, our experienced production leadership knows how to find and use more localized crews to their greatest advantage.  This can often save clients thousands of dollars.

When it comes to BizVid’s international projects, clients love to take us along for productions in other parts of the world.  In fact, some of our Ten Emmys came as a result of clients who depended on Bizvid’s producers to travel with them across the globe. As an example, Guatemala, Grenada, Africa, and Israel are several of the destinations with which Bizvid has extensive experience.

As a final note, Bizvid is a “passport-ready,” easy-going and economical national and international partner. Clients do not find Prima Donnas who require expensive travel budgets, and our solid work ethics come along wherever we go.  Simply ask us for an estimate and watch us go to work for you.

Use the Contact Us page to acquire a quick bid, or for further details.  What’s more, you can call us directly at (760) 402-1530.

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BizVid Communications has been in business for over 20 years and we’ve been hired to produce videos for every kind of industry in San Diego. Here are some video samples that represent the various types of videos we produce. Click an image to see BizVid productions for our clients around San Diego County.




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Bizvid Communications is a proven and reliable video production company in San Diego. In business for over two decades, BizVid provides comprehensive video-production services to nearly every business discipline.

Our creative team is here to help you with script writing, casting on-camera talent, hiring voiceover artists, site research, and creative direction. You’ll find that this superior level of service and technical quality makes all the difference in the finished product that we deliver to you.

Video productions in San Diego can range in type from corporate, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, medical, retail, and commercial. Our clients will tell you that we deliver as promised…always on time and within budget.

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