El Cajon Video Production

El Cajon, California is an east-county city that really knows how to get down to business.  Agriculture, real estate, and industry all live and work hard here in San Diego’s sunlit-suburb of El Cajon. When El Cajon businesses need video production, they know they can count on BizVid Communications.

We at BizVid Communications have created many a “how to” video for our El Cajon-based clients. Local manufacturers bring us on to produce videos about “how to build this”, or “how make the most of that“. 

BizVid Communications’ video productions often major on companies who desire no-nonsense videos to sell their products or videos that highlight to consumers how something is made, as well as who made it.

BizVid Communications is here to help with your video production. Just click these buttons to get in touch with us, either by phone or email.

See How BizVid Can Help You

BizVid Communications has been in business for over 20 years and we’ve been hired to produce videos for every kind of industry in San Diego. Here are some video samples that represent the various types of videos we produce. Click an image to see BizVid productions for our clients around San Diego County.

Seminars & Meetings


Internal Communication

Medical & Pharmaceutical

Corporate & Industrial

Training & Media

Bizvid Communications is a proven and reliable video production company in San Diego. In business for over two decades, BizVid provides comprehensive video-production services to nearly every business discipline.

Our creative team is here to help you with script writing, casting on-camera talent, hiring voiceover artists, site research, and creative direction. You’ll find that this superior level of service and technical quality makes all the difference in the finished product that we deliver to you.

Video productions in San Diego can range in type from corporate, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, medical, retail, and commercial. Our clients will tell you that we deliver as promised…always on time and within budget.

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