How can video help my business?

Use your new videos for recruiting, product introductions and marketing, sales presentations, capturing corporate events and retreats, blogs, podcasts, documentaries, investor relations, community relations, product displays, company seminars, corporate training, customer orientation, lecture archiving, producing linking video to emails, trade show intros, online streaming, corporate profiles, human resource training, staff orientations, surgical procedures, commercials, infomercials, television or other long-form programming, and so forth. You get the idea…now it’s time to transform your idea into a powerful and attention-grabbing video with video production from BizVid!

Why invest in video?
When you consider the variety of uses to which a video message can be applied, it is one of the most cost-effective mediums available. Video is show and tell. Video can effectively communicate your message in your absence. With the advent of web streaming video, and more accessible viewing methods, like social media, video has become the preferred mode of communication for businesses. Congratulations, you have made a great decision.
How long does it take?

The video production process involves three stages…. planning/scripting (pre-production), taping (production) and editing/client review (post-production). The typical time frame for these three events is 3 to 4 weeks. What may slow the process is the length of time a client takes to review and approve the different production stages.

How much does video production cost?

The investment you make in the production of your video will depend upon the elements required to deliver the result you expect. For example, client “A” may need a teleprompter and professional on-camera spokesperson while client “B” requires that only a voice-over be inserted during the post-production process. The budget for client “A” will be somewhat larger than that of client “B.” Together, we will design what is best for your use and work within any budget parameters you may have.

My budget is limited. Will my video look cheap?

You’ll never get a cheap-looking product from BizVid Communications. Tell us of your budget expectations and we’ll fashion your video around those parameters. If your expectations are unrealistic, we’ll give you alternatives until we come up with workable solutions. If you would prefer, allow us to ask a few important questions about your video plans and we’ll fashion a production and budget to suit you. The state-of-the-art equipment and personnel we use are the same for every production, regardless of budget.

How do I book your services?

You can fill out the brief form on our website or call/text Bill Gruber, our Founder/Producer at 760.402.1530. You can also email at bill@bizvidcommunications.com

Will I get a discount with a multiple video order?

Our clients often experience greater savings when they require a series of projects. Typically, we can use many of the same elements for each video and that creates an economy of scale. BizVid sees this as a powerful way to invest in your ongoing video success.

How large are your production crews?

Put simply, our crews are as large or small as it takes to professionally accomplish your project without overdoing things. Smaller projects may require a three-person crew to set up, run sound, produce simple lighting and camera work, as well as oversee the project. The larger productions may demand specialized technicians to facilitate one or more cameras, balance lighting, coordinate audio, run teleprompter, direct and integrate client services. As such, we utilize as many professionals as needed, depending on complexities of the production. Bottom line: BizVid clients always appreciate our stress-free environment, budgeting sensitivity, as well as prudent and resourceful use of human resources.

Do you hire out for editing only?

Yes. This is called “post-production” and we enjoy compiling various elements into powerful programming. We are always budget-sensitive for this, but the challenge comes when clients provide less than adequate support materials. We can tell pretty early on if the resources you supply can accomplish your expected end result. We may also recommend other options such as stock footage, animations and special sound effects. Tell us what you have in mind and show us your resources, then let us work together for remarkable results.

Will you provide support video for our existing programs?

Yes. We frequently partner with clients who need on-location footage (often conference-related) or other elements to perfectly blend with their existing programing. The opposite can be true, as well. If you are out of market, using us to create the bulk of your program, but have your own qualified local people to provide off-site, hometown interviews or visuals, we can also seamlessly accommodate this.

Can you help us find a location or production studio?

Yes. San Diego County offers picture-perfect settings and there are a variety of location possibilities. Some require permits but we can facilitate that for you. We also have access to studios that include large floor space, floor-to-ceiling green screen, green rooms, dressing, and makeup rooms, catering, ample internet, and Wi-Fi connections, and guest accommodations. If a specific set is required, that will become part of a discussion during the budgeting process.

Will you locate voiceover talent, actors or models?

Yes. We can find you the perfect voiceover talent, offering numerous dialects and presentation styles, as well as Hollywood-quality casting and talent services. For talent acquisition, we use Samuel Warren & Associates, International Casting Services. BizVid knows how to take care of our clients. Clients love that we do all this with an eye toward cost-efficiency.

Will you help us with scripting?

Yes. Script and copywriting are our strong suit. We take pride in written excellence without the egos. We will work side-by-side with you to build upon your rough drafts or outlines. Or, we will craft custom scripts from bullet points that you provide. Most important is that we are there to eliminate any stress you may feel from this part of the production process.

What is your policy regarding making changes or revisions?

We have a client-approved process for the development of your video. It begins with the assessments and projected timelines. There are windows for client adjustments and alterations. We are conscientious and will inform you when the production reaches a point of no return and when changes and adjustments can become costly. Ultimately it is your video and we want you to be more than happy with the result.

Can I pay after project completion?

It is standard policy that BizVid requires an agreed-upon partial advance to cover out of pocket costs and ancillary expenses. This is always discussed upfront, as part of the arrangement. We are sensitive to a client’s extenuating circumstances, but an agreement will always be reached before the agreement is finalized. Contact us for details.

Can you tell me about your equipment?

Currently we use Sony FS7 4k cameras as well as Panasonic 4k cameras. Our audio gear is from Sony and Sennheiser. Our lighting gear is a mix between LED, tubes and incandescent.

How do we pay you?

We accept Zell; ACH transfers and checks. We can also accept credit cards, Venmo and PayPal but need to add 3.25% to the agreement total in order to cover the associated fees.

How do small businesses use videos?

BizVid sees video as the great equalizer for small businesses. Video is always a highly desirable and equally accessible medium because it delivers your message using words and pictures without the pretense of a big corporation with larger-than-life assets.

Communications genius, Marshall McLuhan once said the medium IS the message. So, using video properly will immediately make small businessmen and women comparable, even more favorable than the big guys. If you take full advantage of video, people will get a clearer picture of who you are and what your small business can do for them. In many ways well-crafted big ideas are far more impressive than big budgets. In fact, well-run small businesses are becoming the next big deal. Now is the time for you to team up with BizVid Communications and take advantage of this remarkable medium.

What are the disadvantages of videos?

BizVid will let our silence be golden in answering this question. We cannot think of any disadvantages. If we were talking about other media, their lists would go on and on.

Will my business be disrupted during the filming process?

Prior to entering your place of business, we will compile a shooting schedule. This schedule is used by you to schedule specific times that a location within your business will be accessed. This will allow you to communicate to your staff, the times their area will be filmed. In all cases, we are extremely respectful of your day-to-day operations and the customer base that you serve.