Compelling Visual Storytelling

Our work with corporations showcases BizVid’s unique understanding for the corporate structure. This is perhaps an indicator of why we have been so successful here. Different from other industries, corporations have many tiers of leadership. A good video production company must place the proper focus and weight on the key people within each tier. A key person may be the head of that department, or someone who helps guide the decision-making process, while answering directly to the head of that department. To create the best video, it is important to identify the main influencers in each tier to acquire vital information and even approvals, to enhance the success of a video production.

Often, video producers will focus on the department head, paying little or no attention to the person or people within that department which actually make it and you successful. Understanding the corporate hierarchy, asking the right questions of the right people and being respectful to everyone can uncover and discover poignant facts and insights to turn a mediocre production into a highly successful one. Further, it will turn a video producer into a valued partner who is called upon again and again.

BizVid Communications’ experience in video production in Carlsbad, and video production in all San Diego County, especially within other industries requires a little different focus than with corporations. It is our intent to immerse ourselves into understanding the industry, and also competitors within that industry. We always try to do our homework before putting together video recommendations. Many video producers are looking for the big score when engaging within an industry instead of spending the time to get to know the person, the people and the vision.

Our medical and Pharmaceutical clients represent a large portion of BizVid’s target markets. The products and services within each one of these groups may change frequently, based on new discoveries and innovations. It is beneficial to at least remain aware of the constant changes and upgrades within these communities. As these healthcare clients should be focusing on improving the well-being of everyone with whom they work, so must a video production look to the well-being of the pharmaceutical or medical client.

Let’s talk a little about other commercial clientele. If this group represents you, rest assured, as an industry leader and video production specialist, we have your best interests in mind. BizVid Communications, leading video production in San Diego and vicinity, works with commercial clients dealing with all areas of experience in all areas of the world, and not only throughout San Diego County, Carlsbad, and California. Whether you are big or, hoping to become big; across the street or across the world, we have your best interest in mind.

Earlier, we mentioned that our clients find our creative team helpful with scriptwriting, casting on location talent, hiring voiceover artists, and creative direction. Allow us to elaborate on these invaluable video production benefits in working with BizVid Communications.

Scriptwriting- Our principles have extensive experience in scriptwriting. Coming from leadership positions in high profile media sales and ad agency creative supervision, it would not be an over-statement to say that BizVid personnel have written multiplied thousands of highly successful broadcast messages. A testament to this would be the length of time clients remain clients. Many of the companies, corporations and businesses who have worked with us have entered into long term relationships. One reason is because their broadcast content works. To us, scriptwriting is not only a production phase, it is one of the most important facets to our clients’ success. We don’t write copy, we caress it. We craft it. We brood over each sentence. We choose your words carefully, assessing the highest impact possible, while maintaining each client’s brand and personality.

Casting on location talent- In partnership with our industry-leading talent support resources, BizVid has been known to interview scores of prospective talent to find that very special person. We look beyond a commanding presentation into the character of the presenter. It is important that each spokesperson or product/service presenter reflects the character of the product or service being presented. In the event that a presenter is chosen to become the client’s spokesperson. Everything they say or do behind the scenes can reflect positively or negatively upon the brand and the client itself.  That is why a deeper dive into the personality of the prospective talent is often called for.

Hiring voiceover artists- BizVid Communications’ resources in locating just the right voiceover artist are second to none. We fine tune our voice searches to include nationality and gender, dialect, accents, and even previous experience in our clients’ industry. Once we have an idea of our client’s voiceover preferences and compare that with preferences illustrated by our client’s target markets, we provide our clients with samples of up to 20 or so options. Further, if called for, we will have the voiceover prospects read some copy which we are planning to use for our upcoming video. Clients love our extensive research into presenting just the right voice for their image, product or service.

Applying creative video direction- Some clients tell us that, since we are the broadcast professionals, they will rely on our creative direction. Others have well-framed concepts which they are expecting us to accommodate. It is BizVid’s intent not to create a single project, but to build a creative direction which has longevity. In so doing, BizVid seeks to build long-term relationships. In fact, the word “relationship” is a major key to a client’s (and our) success. Regardless of the degree of creative direction our client affords us, building a relationship with more than just one person in the organization can reap high rewards for all. It is amazing the creative insights you will find from people in the number two or three level positions may offer. Often, a department head, media director, or other principle may rely heavily on input from their peers. That fact may never present itself without some due diligence from us. By establishing relationships, and whether we are given free rein on creative or have a very tight leash, insights founded on relationship will always carry more weight that providing input as a mere “service provider.”

Add to these aforementioned service benefits, BizVid’s intuitive video production crews and state of the art equipment, it becomes obvious why clients see us as an industry leader.