You don’t need a big budget, just big ideas

As you can see by our list of clients, BizVid Communications has provided video production services for a wide variety of great companies and organizations, both small and large, in counties like San Diego, cities like Carlsbad, and places like California, the nation and the world. Over a number of decades, BizVid has provided video production services to nearly every business discipline imaginable, from corporate and manufacturing to pharmaceutical, medical, retail, and commercial.

These days, investing wisely in one’s video productions is a higher priority than ever before. Because of today’s ever-shifting economy, the days of frivolous experimentation are rightly giving way to prudent wisdom when investing in video production and one’s video production company.

BizVid’s sensitivity to presenting budgets well-spent are what drives our company’s theme: “You don’t need a big video production budget, just big ideas.”  It is our further commitment to deliver on time, as well as on budget. Allow us to explore the value of timeliness and keeping budgetary perimeters. Clients should know we take these things very seriously.

Timeliness and staying on budget- From our point of view and our devotion to integrity, every video production budget estimate is intended to be accurate and include a beginning and ending date. We have all heard of service providers who will present a low estimate, to be awarded a project, knowing that they can find a reason to increase the cost at a later date. BizVid will never take that tact.

And, regarding timeliness, while we are very understanding if, for some reason, our client needs to extend or delay the production and/or approval process. From our side, when we present our timeline, it is one that we have every intention to keep. Our commitment to this timeframe is just that, a commitment which we take very seriously. There have been a number of times when we have underestimated the work needed to complete a project. Unless it was the client who added more elements to the project for which we had not budgeted, we do not remember a time when we have not honored our original estimate, even it took many additional hours to complete the task.

BizVid applies our commitments to our service providers, as well. It is our habit to pay our people before we, ourselves receive payments. The benefits of this dedication pay dividend in the end. As a result of keeping commitments, service providers prefer working with us than with others. Similarly, our client’s understand that we will stand by our promises, thus being confident to partner with us on future projects.