Medical & Pharmaceutical

Medical & Pharmaceutical

The clients represented in this demo in order of appearance are:

  1. GenMark Diagnostics
  2. Bristol-Myers Squibb
  3. AlphaTec Spine
  4. Obalon Therapeutics
  5. Mitek Surgical Products
  6. CDEX

The clients represented in these video sample highlights draw attention to our experience throughout the medical and pharmaceutical communities. Here are a few example:

GenMark Diagnostics came into existence for the express purpose of improving patient care by introducing multiplex molecular diagnostics. Our foreknowledge and name recognition from within this industry resulted in their invitation for us to become their valued video team member.

Bristol-Myers Squibb is a household name in innovative patient care. When it comes to introducing important application procedures they come to us. The clear instructions seen in this video sample will illustrate why.

AlphaTec Spine takes the phrase “we’ve got your back” seriously and so does BizVid Communications. Their unique and customized spinal procedures require precise action. As such, a precise video presentation was called for. We have been honored to have received such a call.

Obalon Therapeutics required exacting step by step instructions on the use of their revolutionary therapeutic device. They discovered that their first step in securing the right video was selecting us as their production company.

Johnson & Johnson is a well-known name that introduces highly technical medical procedures. Because of our experience in related videos and fields, we were chosen to bring clarity and understanding of how they operate. Literally.

CDEX was the forerunner of diagnostic devices to ascertain hard to spot meth usage. Their patented scanners needed a high production value, within a limited budget. But, as we say, it is not big budgets, but big ideas that make a video great. And CDEX was, indeed, a big idea that benefitted from our high production value and reasonable budgeting.

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