The challenge was clear: Position the Curvex curved blade razor alongside the industry shaving leaders by illustrating its ease of use, reasonable pricing and streamline design. BizVid Communications was called upon to build an informational video showcasing several models using this innovative razor design on ladies’ legs, men’s faces and domes.

It was decided to present the Curvex product in home settings. BizVid found the perfect location in North County San Diego. The residence contained large bathroom areas with stunning decors. This location offered a number of compelling camera angles, from straight-on shots of the models, as well as other positions taking full advantage of a spacious bathtub area and numerous mirrors and sinks.

Another challenge was to audition and cast several beautiful women and handsome men to illustrate the ease and comfort of using the Curvex product. After auditioning scores of prospects, a handful of models were selected. Actions were practiced time after time before the camera rolled. Combine that with a great script and a little animation to magnify the blade gliding across the surface of the skin and you have a powerful and memorable video.