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Nik Software

July 7, 2015

This Nik Software project gave BizVid Communications the opportunity to show off our motion graphics capability. We have one of the best motion graphics designers in the industry. If you have seen network programs such as the Undercover Boss, you will have seen some of Dave Matthies’ work.

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Animate a Title in After Effects to use in Premiere Pro

February 11, 2015

Welcome to another BizVid Communications video tutorial.  Today I ‘m going to show you how to create an animated title in After Effects then export it for use in your Premier Pro project.  So let’s get started.

First I want to create an After Effects composition.  I position my mouse on the word “Composition” and click then scroll to “New Composition” and click.  In the composition settings I want to be sure all of the parameters of this After Effects project are the same as my Premiere Pro project.   The only thing I’m going to change here is the background color because my text is going to be white and I wouldn’t see it with this white background.  So I click this box and scroll to change the color.  Once I’m satisfied I click “OK” and the composition is formed. Next item of business is to create the text so I position my mouse on the “T” for “Horizontal Type Tool” and click then begin typing.

Now I want to animate the text on and off of the screen.  First I need to set the position where I want the animation to begin.  For me, I’ll start at the second mark and leave my CTI here.  Next, I position my mouse on the word “animation” and click.”  Then I scroll to “Browse Pre-sets” and click.  This opens up Adobe Bridge showing the After Effects “presets”.  In the presets I have several options but today I’ll double click the “Text” folder and inside will select the “Animate In” folder.

When I double click the “Animate In” folder it reveal’s all of the available pre-sets.  To learn what each does, I simply click on one and watch it work in the preview window.  When selecting the one I want, I double click it and that will place it in the timeline.  Next, I close out Bridge to return to my composition.   As you can see, I have the beginning animation. Next, I want to select the point at which I want the text to exit.  So I slide the CTI forward a few seconds and land it here.

Next, I go back to “Animation” and “Browse Presets” then “Text” but this time, I’m going to select something from the “Animate Out” folder.  So I double click to see my choices.  As you become more sophisticated with all of this, you’ll learn how to create your own animations and save them to these folders.  Once I find the “Animate Out” effect I like, I double click to add to the timeline then close “Bridge” to return to the composition.

As I scroll through the timeline, you can see the effects are working perfectly.  Now it’s time to export. To do that, I position my mouse on “Composition” scroll down to “Add to Render Queue” and click.  Once in the “Render Queue” I want to be sure the export settings are correct so that when the title is placed over the video in the Premiere Pro timeline, the background will be “Alpha” or transparent.  So, I position my mouse on the word “Lossless” and click.

Here in “Video Output”  I’ll make the channel “RGB + Alpha” and the color, “Straight”  then click “OK.”  Next, I want to tell After Effects where to save this composition and in this case, I want to save it in the “AE Tutorial” folder. I’ll name the file Vacation.  Now I’ll render by clicking the “Render” button.

Okay, now let me open my Premiere Pro project.  I already have it setup.  Next, I’ll go to the folder where my After Effects title is saved and import it into the project.  Once imported, I’ll click and drag it into the timeline, make a few adjustments and I’m ready to go.  As you can see, using After Effects to animate your titles is a great benefit and helps to make your project more interesting.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the tutorial and will want to subscribe to our channel.  We produce these on a regular basis.  I also invite you to visit our website at to see the kind of work we do and, to visit our blog page.  So that’s it for now….thanks for watching

Motion Graphics in After Effects

August 28, 2011

As a producer with San Diego video production company, BizVid Communications, I am often amazed at one of the more challenging and creative sides to the video production process, motion graphics.  Motion graphics is the art of taking ordinary images and turning them into works of visual art.  The skill set required to produce this type of video is extensive and the learning curve is very steep.  If you are an avid fan of television, you probably take for granted the labor that goes into the things you see.

Take for example the opening of American Idol.  As you watch that thirty seconds, your senses are bombarded with a cacophony of sound, moving design and pictures.   Images and text fly around with seamless ease and do so in harmony with the music track and voice over announcer. The American Idol open is a perfect example of motion graphics that is usually created  in Adobe After Effects, Maya and other software programs.

At BizVid Communications the art of motion graphics is alive and well.  Nearly all of the videos we create for our clients incorporate motion graphics in some form.  It ranges from a simple, yet effective treatment of their logo to a full blown animation used in the body of the piece.  Click the screen below and you will see our motion graphics demo.  It contains snippets from various projects and each was created by Dave Matthies and Cowboy Mustache….a motion graphics partner with our company.