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March 9, 2018

GenMark Diagnostics is a pharmaceutical company that hired BizVid Communications to produce a “tour” video of their manufacturing complex. The resulting video will utilize an on-camera spokesperson as the “tour guide” to highlight the new facility and the activity conducted with in its walls. 

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Department Of The Navy

September 1, 2017

It was more than an honor for us when the Brooks Group representing the Department of the Navy asked for help in producing a series of videos for the Marines.  That is the unique aspect of our business….BizVid gets to work with many diverse organizations.  This assignment called for us to create video scenario’s that would be used in a classroom full of Marine recruiters learning how to recruit potential Marine officers.

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CND Spa Manicure

January 15, 2016

Our client, Creative Nail Design, a division of Revlon, gave BizVid an important mandate for this instructive production: we were to create a spot that encouraged their international nail care professionals to market their captivating Spa Manicure procedure to their customers. As a result, we crafted this visual message to illustrate how clients should be pampered when experiencing this.

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Seaworld Silent Night

January 6, 2016

We were contracted by SeaWorld to produce all of the animation for their in-park show, “Shamu’s Christmas.” The animations were designed to be shown on stadium-sized screens at Shamu Stadium in San Diego and were seen by tens of thousands of park visitors every holiday season. Our task was to produce seven unique video segments, each timed to their own music tracks that were cut in Nashville. 

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The Studio as a Location

December 12, 2011

As a leading San Diego video production company, BizVid Communications is frequently called upon to video tape projects in a variety of locations.  Where that location happens to be is dictated by the requirements as outlined in the written script.

Over the years, we have taken our cameras to many different locations.  They include, Europe and the Middle East, the ocean and on lakes, in corporate offices and manufacturing plants in surgical centers and dentist offices.  All of these areas are rife with certain audio and lighting challenges.  This is not the case in a studio environment which is our favorite place to shoot.

The studio, besides having a glamorous ring to it, is the perfect environment.  Unlike outdoor locations where uncontrollable light and sound are big issues, the studio poses none of these problems.  All elements are perfectly controllable.

To illustrate, I will use the example of what happened recently.  We were at an outside location taping a company CEO.  Her duty was to deliver some dialogue then turn and walk off camera.  This action was not her strong suit and we were several takes into the process when it looked as though we had finally achieved success. But, just as she was about to say the last words of the dialogue, a very loud airplane flew overhead and the take was ruined.

In this instance, the studio environment would have been ideal.  Because of its sound integrity, there would not have been an interruption and the take would have been successful.  And, while it is nice to travel and visit different locales, we prefer the  sound stage and the control it affords us in the production process.



Production Ins and Outs

October 31, 2011

San Diego Video Production has its ins and outs for BizVid Communications.  Hi there, this is your blog buddy from our on location site at Our Mother of Confidence Catholic Church at Regent Road and Governor Drive in San Diego.  In mid September, we were producing a Bible conference series for Logos Bible Study, where Dr. Bill Creasy launched a twenty four session study entitled Portrait of Jesus.

We prepared this blog from outside of the church building the morning of the production.  We did so to give you an idea of some of the different kinds of environments from which BizVid Communications produces videos. In this venue, BizVid had a full production crew inside the large and somewhat cavernous auditorium. It consisted of three HD cameras and cameramen, an audio technician overseeing three microphones, a grip to supervise and troubleshoot, a director synchronizing the shots and a producer who coordinates and interacts between the crew, the client and the patrons.

Since many of our sessions take place outside, as well, BizVid has crews that adapt to the elements, too. Of course equipment varies slightly, particularly the lighting. Lights often give way to reflectors and silks to redirect sunlight or filter it. Budget helps determine the crew and equipment, also. The budget at this Catholic Church venue allowed for three cameras and a director calling the shots and switching from one camera to another. Some of our larger outside sessions, like when BizVid produced the Night of Light drama at Skyline Church required a mobile production truck with a live switcher, several cameras and extensive microphones to capture the actors and the choir.

Sometimes we shoot our productions in what we call a “film style” format. Here, we will use a smaller crew, perhaps only three people. We’ll use a single camera, stopping down often to set up different angles. Once these various scenes are captured and brought back into post production, BizVid editors will compile the various scenes in such a way to make it appear several cameras were used. It is called film style, because, by in large this is the same technique used by film crews when shooting full length motion pictures. Each scene is produced separately and then edited together produce a sequence that looks like one continuous activity.

Thanks for joining us as we offer behind the scenes insights into the exciting profession of video production.

BizVid Rappers

October 11, 2011

If Video Production in San Diego is what you’re looking for, uh huh, uh huh: BizVid Communications is the place to go, uh huh, uh huh. Okay, so we may not be rappers in that way, but we sure enjoy getting down and jiggy with great videos. Actually, see what we mean when we identify ourselves as rappers, by viewing the video link below.

Here, BizVid’s Bill and Caz offer insights about what goes on behind the scenes.  “It can be considered a bee hive with all the activities going on.” says Director Bill Gruber. “We have several crew members that set up the equipment during the morning. In fact, we were on this particular Logos Bible Study shoot on a Saturday morning at 6 am. We set up three cameras, set up lights, set up a switching console, set up audio. It’s a very complicated process, but it also comes together to make a smooth video for our clients.”  According to Bill’s BizVid partner Caz Taylor, “During the video session, Bill is in control. He is called the director. His job is to be onsite, directing the action from three monitors which show the activities of the three cameras. From his seat of authority, he gives the instructions to pull to this shot, and pan to that shot. He might tell camera two to follow the talent, while pulling to a wide shot. He may direct camera three to pick up audience reactions… and so forth.”

Caz goes on to add, as they offer further production insights, that one of the things they like to do most, happens at the close of a video production, once script has been fulfilled and the talent has concluded. Bill and Caz mark the end of the production day by saying “That’s a wrap.” Okay, it was a little stretch to call us rappers in the traditional sense, as the blog’s headline implies. None the less, it is a lyric that crew, talent, clients and even Bill and Caz love the most. Then, it is a matter of putting all our gear away and leaving the site as we found it. Now, since we’re at the end of this blog, it is appropriate to say, “That’s a wrap.”