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NuFace – Technique Demonstration

August 14, 2015

BizVid Communications’ video expertise helped NuFace instruct clients in the proper use of their patented NuFace facial care devices. While it is always fun working with beautiful and talented people, when you combine that with truly remarkable products you have the elements for powerful “how to” productions.
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Produce A Video Pt. 8- Editing Tips

August 16, 2011

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As a San Diego video production company leader, Bizvid Communications offers you some simple video editing tips. To make this tutorial as accessible as possible, we’ll eschew more professional Non Linear Editors and stick with the easily accessible Windows Movie Maker software, which is part of many Microsoft Suite Packages. If you are using Mac software for your editing (like iMovie, Final Cut Pro, etc)  the terminology and actions may differ slightly but many of the techniques should apply. To help you walk through the various editing options, BizVid has created an instructional video for this purpose.



We don’t have time to show you everything but we’ll go over some of the key editing approaches for you to craft a simple, straightforward video that will do your business proud. When you open Windows Movie Maker, you’ll notice that they’ve situated nearly everything you’ll need conveniently before you.

The work pallet is where you’ll temporarily place the different elements like slides, raw footage, audio and music tracks so you can incorporate them into your video.

The playback area will allow you to view, review or preview your video components.

The timelines below are the places where you’ll be inserting and editing your various components into a cohesive video.  Drop down menus and various buttons will help you in the editing process, allowing you to manipulate video and sound, as well as add text.

You’ll find that there are many editing tools within Windows Movie Maker. Take a little time to experiment. Remember to concentrate on presenting your message clearly, rather than going crazy with all the special video effects. Have fun as you improve the visibility and effectiveness of your business using video.