Within every San Diego Video Production Company there’s a reluctance to offer too many video tips, lest a company may produce their own video.

Even so, Bizvid Communications built this series of  Do It Yourself Video Tutorials to help you do the simple stuff (that you may try anyway), trusting that you’ll come to us once you discover video’s value.  This is the second of eight lessons in our PRODUCE YOUR VIDEO series, which we originally created through the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce in Southern California.  FINDING YOUR VIDEO’S PURPOSE uncovers a multitude of video uses to communicate who you are better than almost anything.

As mentioned in earlier blogs, there are at least three general purposes or uses for a business video.

Broadcast uses.  These can include full broadcast programs, documentaries, the development of commercials for television, cable or the web, infomercials and so forth.

Corporate uses.  These may include corporate training or orientation videos, recruitment videos, or various company seminars or fun gatherings or even employee newsletters or profiles put to tape to improve morale.

Marketing uses.  These are limited only by your own imagination. Purposes may include product intros or updates, investor or other business solicitations, product displays, video emails, PR videos and trade show productions.

As a business leader, once your eyes are opened to the varied and powerful video uses, this medium should become one of your company’s best and oft used friends.