This project was the brainchild of EMRA (Emergency Medicine Residents’ Association) and CDEM (Clerkship Directors in Emergency Medicine, a division of SAEM- Society for Academic Emergency Medicine). The 11 minute training video was designed to introduce much needed instruction to  the emergency medical community on how to verbally communicate an emergency patient diagnosis to an attending physician in the Emergency department.


The concept was to offer a “before and after” approach, comparing a bad presentation with a good presentation, while giving instructions and tips along the way. The main theme was built upon how to tell a compelling and concise story in an emergency environment.

The client wanted to blend humor with clear instruction in presenting their message. The finished video was to be delivered by non-professional actors within a limited budget and timeframe. From experience, BizVid Communication knew that specific ground rules had to be set to bring the project in within budget, while reaching their goals.

While the technical elements of the script were provided by the client, BizVid became involved very early in the process. Our task was to minimize the script and structure the action into the smallest number of scenes. Since the clients were located in several areas from around the United States, clear communications and coordination were mandatory.

Regarding the location, our client arranged to use several rooms within the UCSD Medical Training Center. After BizVid scouted the facility, we chose the best rooms (which were the also close to each other) to stage the one-day videotaping. With the seven on-camera performers well-practiced and the script tightened down, the shoot went smoothly. The editing came together, thanks to nicely crafted scenes and an excellent main talent (Doctor David Gordon). Everyone was pleased with the finished production.