SBA Radio with BizVid's Caz Taylor and SBA's Ruben Garcia

As the San Diego video production leader, BizVid Communications has an ongoing relationship with many small businesses and small business resources. One of our great pleasures is to work with Ruben Garcia, District Director of the Small Business Administration in San Diego and Imperial Counties. For over two years, BizVid has joined forces with the SBA’s Garcia and wsRadio to produce and host the SBA Radio show, providing insights and assistance to small business owners and employees. The following video illustrates some of the products and services offered by the Small Business Administration as presented by Ruben. The SBA is a federal agency and has locations throughout the nation.




Every week Ruben Garcia and Caz interview guests with tips and innovations to help small businesses. Sometimes we’ll speak of the newest branding ideas  to help a business grow. Other times we’ll forewarn of workers’ comp issues or offer search engine optimization tips. Often, we’ll bring in well-received economists to provide business forecasts , or copyright lawyers, or international entrepreneurs. The one hour show is broadcasted live nationally, on Thursdays at 11 am, Pacific Time. This program gives Garcia a platform and an opportunity to declare the values of numerous SBA small business loans to thousands of loyal listeners.  We spend a great deal of time featuring entrepreneurs and resource providers to provide directives and support to small businesses during these challenging economic times.

From our ongoing relationship, we’ve come to realize how well connected Ruben is, as we interview government leaders, along with CEO’s of predominant companies in the United States and Mexico. If the reader is tied to a small business in any way, it would be of value to check out the resources and relationships that the SBA offers. A quick visit to their website will reveal many opportunities for growth and education.

SBA's Ruben Garcia on remote for SBA Radio