At BizVid, we produce high-definition videos for a variety of business, medical, and pharmaceutical disciplines. One of our favorite categories is that of “fashion and beauty”.

We were recently asked by Japonesque, an international beauty products company, to produce a consumer video illustrating the application of some of their cosmetic products.  Their desire was that we edit the visuals to music and that our cameras be close enough to the model’s face so that every nuance of the application process would be shown.

Video Crew working on a white cyc stage

For clarity, we shot the project in 4K which is the technical term for UHD or Ultra High Definition.  The other challenge was to place the model in a completely white environment so that the colors of the makeup would “pop” more.  To get this pure-white background effect and to be able to shoot in a controlled environment, we went into studio and the result can be seen in the above video.

Video production crew on a white sound stage

Thanks to a great team and wonderful client collaboration, our most recent Fashion and Beauty project was a success. We’re looking forward to the next one!