Today we are going to learn how to create a title known as a roll…similar to what you will find on movie credits where the information rolls up from bottom toward the top of the screen.

First is to position your mouse on the menu bar on the word “title.”  This activates a drop down menu where you are given three choices.  For the purpose of today’s lesson, we’ll choose default roll.  Once selected, a new title box appears and this is where you will give a name to the title credits you are creating.  For our purposes, we will call this Movie Credits.  Click okay to launch the Title Palette. It is within this palette that the title creation takes place.  Here we can choose font size, font color, crawl options and things like that.

Let’s begin by selecting the type tool.  Position your mouse in the tool pallet and select the “T” which stands for type tool.  Then, place your cursor in the workspace and begin typing the text that you want to roll as credits to your movie.  In this case I will type few credits and turn the tutorial back on when complete.

In our example the font is too large. So to make it smaller, select the font size box and type in 50% then click outside the box.  Doing so reduces the font to 50% of the original size.  I also want to change the font style to something more movie like.  Our font of choice will be Aaron.   Be sure to select the entire font and then click Aaron the change takes place.  One last item of business is to give instruction as to how the roll is to come on and off screen.  Position your mouse over the Roll/crawl options box and click.  Of the several options, the ones we want are start off screen and end off screen check those boxes and we are done.  To save the title, click the X at the top right.  When you do, the title appears in the project pallet and is ready to bring into the timeline.  Click and drag the title into the timeline and there you have it.  Render to play.  To speed up or slow down the title crawl, expand or reduce the length of the clip.  You have learned the simple way of creating a crawl.  Congratulations.