BizVid Communications loves working with children, though the production logistics must be carefully monitored and delicately implemented. Our informational and promotional video created on behalf of the Stars Montessori School curriculum captured the essence of the school while displaying real teaching sessions between young students and their teachers.

While BizVid steered away from actually interviewing these children, showing them in their learning environments went a long way to tell the school’s story. We chose fun activities where the students could shine, intermingling school administrators and teachers with parent testimonials.

As a viewer of this video, one might be surprised to learn how close BizVid’s producer was, just out of camera range, teasing and interacting with the children. Our cameraman was also very intuitive in capture the action. Videotaping children requires a discerning eye and a quick hand to capture the “golden” moments. Perhaps one of the most commanding elements in this and other productions has to do with incorporating memorable opening graphics and music.