Benjamin Franklin was one of the founding fathers of these United States, as well as a drafter and a signer of the Declaration of Independence, Himself a writer, scientist, inventor, statesman, diplomat, printer, publisher and political philosopher.  Franklin displayed so many business skills, we thought it appropriate to engage some of these pertinent quotes to help small business owners and leaders like you find and keep your way in the current challenging yet opportune times.

These wise insights bear great weight when you compare Franklin’s times to our own.  With the uncertainties of small businesses of late, we and Benjamin may share an uncertainty regarding the outcomes of our livelihoods. Indeed, our very life blood. We hope these points of view and BizVid Communications’ subsequent comments are found helpful.

The following quotes were drawn from various sources, including Franklin’s prolific “Poor Richard’s Almanacs,” various letters and biographical writings.

““Well done is better than well said.” This bespeaks the benefits of honesty and humility in your business dealings. From our observations over the years, we have found that, while boisterous claims of greatness command immediate attention and perhaps a bump in sales or recognition. If a client or customer’s highest expectations are ever disappointed, even if it is no fault of your own, a tendency may be to tarnish your reputation. A different word for humility, from Franklin, is quotable here: Nothing was useful which was not honest.” Unboastful, yet heartfelt commitments to excellence will likely be met with greater and more long-lasting compassion and patronage.

Benjamin would also bolster today’s small businesses, when he said; ““No gains without pains.” The thousands and even tens of thousands of businesses which are no more, as a result of the terrible restraints put upon them, came to the point where the pain of perseverance was too great. This is not to degrade the many ruined businesses. It is rather a testament to your own staying power. As a result, several benefits are now before you. First, some of your most ardent competition has disappeared. Secondly, your endurance may be your best-selling point. If you have your prospects’ hearts, you may likely acquire their business. Again, quoting Benjamin; “A right heart exceeds all.”

Another timely quote from America’s elder statesman also carries much weight for today, when he said; “Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Be honest with yourself in this. Your resolution to actually self-motivate when things have come against you does not go unseen by those within your patronage. To some, when unrealistic restraints were put upon them, as have been commonplace over the last year or so, it was easier for some to comply, at the cost of their own livelihood, reputation and character. To others, like you, those restraints served as perseverant steppingstones. To fellow observers, your actions can inspire their own good convictions. As Franklin would say, “Pardoning the bad, is injuring the good.”

In 1776, the colonists faced unfair restrictions and unreasonable mandates with the intent to take them down and take them out. It was only these heroes’ unified faith, unwavering passion, and their trust in the value in joining together which would empower them forward. It is this same conviction that will drive your successes. Perhaps the most telling quote from Ben Franklin is to be called upon here: “We must all hang together, or else, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.”

Hang in there, BizVid’s small business friends. Your brightest, most rewarding success is just before you.