In this blog, we thought we would spend some time digging more deeply in one of our favorite BizVid Communications’ mottos: “It’s not about Big Budgets, rather it is the Big Idea that makes an impactful video.” You will see this theme throughout our web pages, in word and deed.

Memorable Business Themes

As a video-production leader in Carlsbad, in San Diego, in California, the nation and world, adding memorable and believable themes to go with one’s name helps prospective customers and clients know who you are and what you do, displaying your business principles at first glance.

By reviewing the glowing references from our “testimonials” webpage, you will see this “Big Idea over Big Budgets” approach in all we do.  We are always “price sensitive” in our video production estimates. Favoring the “Big Idea” means that, when we can, and if called for, we may cut into our modest profit to help our clients deliver their product or service. Ultimately this often means long term relationships, which is always a goal.

As we often do in our blogs, BizVid Communications seeks published research which supports the content of what we are telling you.

From “Small Business Basics” we present this article published in June of 2022 titled: “100+ effective company slogans for inspiration in 2023”-

Coming up with a compelling company slogan demands that you pack a punch with just a couple words.

Some slogans go down in history. Nike’s “Just Do It” is an iconic example. It’s simple, memorable, and powerful. Most importantly, it communicates a message that resonates deeply with Nike’s target audience.

We’ve compiled 100+ business slogan examples to kick-start your brainstorming process. But first, let’s break down what a company slogan is and why it’s important.

What is a company slogan?

A company slogan is a short phrase that follows your brand name in advertisements, business cards, and other marketing campaigns. It’s a powerful marketing tool when done right.

A slogan’s purpose is to reinforce your brand’s identity. It should be concise while still communicating something meaningful and memorable to a brand’s target audience.

What makes for a good brand slogan?

A good slogan holds a lot of power — it can actually increase your revenue by over 30%! Half of people say a company’s slogan is the most important brand element, with 47% admitting that they consider the slogan when making a purchase decision. With this in mind, we’re here to outline how to craft your own slogan strategically.

The anatomy of a successful slogan boils down to a few key elements: memorability, simplicity, emotion, and differentiation. Let’s explore these in-depth.

  • First and foremost, the best slogans are memorable. It sticks with your audience by evoking humor, emotion, or catchiness.
  • By keeping your slogan short and sweet, it will be easier to remember. A brief statement is more impactful than a long, wordy sentence.
  • Integrating positive emotion into your new slogan will capture your audience’s attention. It should align with how you want your product or service to make your customers feel, whether that’s a sense of security, relief, luxury, or inspiration.
  • A fundamental aspect of marketing is finding a way to stand out in the market. To make your slogan quickly recognizable, differentiationis key. Use your slogan to communicate your competitive advantage.

When your slogan checks off these four boxes, you know you’ve done a good job.

From this article posted in silviachristmann.com we find these helpful excerpts:

Powerful Phrases You Need to Give Effective Feedback-

If you can make the individual feel good, your interaction will be significantly more productive.

Here is the best way to provide positive affirmation while having a conversation and providing feedback to the person.

Positives – Start the conversation by focusing on any positives you notice for a given situation. Try and explain that you see their overall contribution and that you value them as a person.

Situation – When delivering feedback, outline the situation you are referring to clearly. Offer specific details so that the other person understands what you’re explaining and ask questions that verify that your information makes sense to them.

Behavior – Then, you must be specific about the behavior you are addressing. Again, be very specific. Do not make assumptions about a person’s behavior and only remark about specific observations that you’ve made yourself.

Impact – To sum up your feedback, carefully explain how the behavior in the situation is affecting you as a person, the people around you, or your team. (It’s often helpful to acknowledge intention even if the unintended consequences or impact was possibly different and potentially negative. Someone can have good intentions and still cause issues, and it’s important to acknowledge those intentions before addressing the problem.)

Solution//Expectation – Give possible solutions, At the end of giving feedback, it’s important to offer a clear way forward to resolve the issue. Teach, don’t criticize. Set very clear expectations with accountabilities. Make it into a teachable moment.

From Inc.com, authored by Peter Economy, we find these insights from his June 12, 2015 article:

Nine Powerful Phrases Super Positive People Always Say-

It’s true that actions speak louder than words, and super positive people know it. They also know that words are powerful and can be used to make a significant impact in the lives of others. Therefore, they carefully use the power of words to create genuine connections and lasting relationships with people in their professional and personal lives. You can easily spot super positive people by the way they carry themselves and by the way they speak.

You can become a more positive person by starting to practice these phrases that super successful people always say.

  1. I admire you– Super positive people are appreciative. They notice the good qualities in people, and they say to them, “I admire you.”
  2. You can do it– Super positive people are supportive. They are interested in helping people, and they say to them, “You can do it.”
  3. I value you– Super positive people are caring. They make sure people know that they are not taken for granted, and say to them, “I value you.”
  4. You can count on me– Super positive people are collaborative. They are aware of the importance of being there for people, and they say to them, “You can count on me.”
  5. I believe in you– Super positive people are comforting. They realize that people need to be reassured, and they say to them, “I believe in you.”
  6. You are kind– Super positive people are thankful. They acknowledge the good deeds of people, and they say to them, “You are kind.”
  7. I trust you– Super positive people are confident. They rest assured relying on people, and they say to them, “I trust you.”
  8. You are smart– Super positive people are encouraging. They see the extraordinary things in people, and they say to them, “You are smart.”
  9. I’m sorry– Super positive people are courageous. They are prompt to apologize to people, and they say to them, “I’m sorry.”

It is important to take note that super successful people are highly genuine in what they say–and what they do as well. They do not say things superficially, because it is not part of who they are. They embrace being genuine, and this is what distinguishes them from the crowd.

So, “What’s the (your) Big Idea?”

In conclusion, the answer to that question could well be a customer or client’s stepping stone into a long term relationship with BizVid’s video production services. Similarly, any theme(s) you choose should carry within them the likelihood of securing people to your place of business. “It’s not about Big Budgets, rather it is the Big Idea that makes an impactful video.” That’s BizVid Communications’ “win, win” proposition.