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With that in mind, we are pleased introduce restauranteur Brian Gruber and his growth strategy of placing two restaurants literally side-by-side. At the time of this writing, Brian has launched a “soft opening” of his second restaurant, Inglourious Bagels. Interestingly, it is literally right next-door to his other one, Notorious Burgers.

Brian’s first restaurant is known for remarkable burgers, other unique entrées and craft beers. These elements incorporate a commanding and entertaining Roaring 20’s gangster theme. Brian will admit that through a uniquely tasteful line of food and beverage, along with a hard to forget theme, hard work, strong community relations, and faithful employees, his restaurant has become a popular destination for residents and businesses throughout Carlsbad and with other nearby North County patrons.

So, why did Brian decide to create a second restaurant, Inglourious Bagels, literally right next-door? His answers may spark different ways of thinking for you regarding your business growth (ultimately resulting in the development of a video or videos using BizVid Communications, a top San Diego County video producer).

“There are not many Jewish style delicatessens in North County,” observed Brian. “And, Jewishness is part of my family heritage,” he added. When asked to elaborate, Brian said, “Both my mother and father have Jewish roots and this was an opportunity to honor that, besides, serving these unique dishes made wise business sense. “His menu selections include matzo ball soup, whitefish salads, and some of the most remarkable bagel combinations imaginable.

That said, the main purpose behind this blog is to introduce a business strategy which other businesses and corporations may find helpful. Here, BizVid Communications, your leader in video production in San Diego, will explore the benefits of logistics, of establishing faithful employees, of inspiring return patrons, of marketing, and of perseverance 

Of logistics.
First, we asked Brian regarding his strategy of placing a second restaurant right next-door to the first. His answer was that it was an obvious consolidation of resources. “It’s much easier to manage both restaurants when they are right next-door, plus, the neighboring restaurant was finally ready to sell,” he said. But Brian does much more than just manage these restaurants. He is active as lead chef and in accomplishing every other facet of management and maintenance, firsthand. Which brings us to another important component for success…

Of establishing faithful employees.
“It is important for your employees to realize you are not over them, rather alongside of them,” stated Brian. “I will wait on tables, bus dishes, sweep the floors, and even unplug toilets. I would also go out of my way to provide them food and other benefits, wherever possible. All of these things illustrate to employees, that I am available to help them, whatever the task.” Brian further elaborated, saying, “We have just come through a period when health restrictions, and employee assistance programs made it difficult to keep quality staff. But as things began to open up again, many of my faithful employees were ready to return in full force.

Of inspiring return patrons.
“I think being community minded plays a big role in building patronage,” stated Brian. He spoke of sponsoring local children’s leagues and volunteering culinary services at events put on by surrounding schools. It would not be unusual to see Brian at nearby school functions, donning his chef’s hat, serving hamburgers and other delicacies at reduced prices or even free. As a result, “We are always seeing local teams and parents bringing large numbers of people into the restaurant.”

Of marketing.
“Regarding marketing, I would no doubt receive an F,” admitted Brian. “Of course, we do little ads and promotions here and there, and make our menus readily available. We have also used the help of PR agencies and have made friends with some of the local media.” (This BizVid blog writer should also note that Brian Gruber ‘s father is Bill Gruber, one of the principles of this video production company, the video production leader in Carlsbad, and in San Diego County.) “My dad is always shooting videos on our behalf and making them available through his wide audience,” Brian confessed. Regarding local media coverage, Brian observed, “Some local news stations love to have ‘feel good’ stories to show off their community involvement. We have been the beneficiary of quite a number of these morning news reports.”

Of perseverance.
“Not enough can be said about having a good work ethic,” stated Brian. He mentioned that in the recent difficult times, many businesses gave up in the midst of things instead of plodding through. “I am not known for giving up,” Brian replied. “While tenacity cannot guarantee success, when you add to it remarkable product, local support, a strong and continuing customer base, along with faithful employees, the ground is prepared. Hang in there, persevere, and expect good things.”