Smartphone Videos

You may be among the multitudes who have discovered the value and fun of smartphone videos. When it comes to making unforgettable video messages with your smartphone, here are a few tips from one of the producers at BizVid Communications. 

As multiple-time Emmy winners, we know how to craft effective powerful videos using reasonable budgets. But, in this case, smartphones are a good way to put forth a memorable message with no budget whatsoever. With the “increased down-time” recently, we have had the opportunity to see smartphone videos used for all kinds of purposes. Some are even being used to promote small businesses. Here are some tips on how you can “use your smartphone to make smart videos.”

Visual Tips

When recording smartphone video, a horizontal orientation is the most functional. Horizontal smartphone videos allow for more people to be on-screen at once, compared to vertical videos. More background can be displayed in horizontal videos, while showing less of the spokesperson’s lower body. Finally, horizontally-oriented videos allow more flexibility in typical presentations since most display screens (projectors, televisions, etc) are also horizontally oriented.

Starting with a horizontal smartphone orientation will allow more space for the on-screen talent to move their hands or move props. If you are your own on-camera tablet, it is advisable to mount your phone to a tripod or gimbal, rather than hand-holding it. Hand-held video is often shaky, and those shakes can distract your audience from your message.

Regarding lighting and positioning, pay attention to the pre-existing light at the location where you are recording. Frame your shots so the lighting falls on your on-camera subject. Use your smartphone’s manual exposure mode and lock the exposure, if possible. 

Position your subject far enough from the background so that their own shadow doesn’t fall on the background behind them.  Separation between the subject and their background will make both elements more appealing.  

In this Blog’s Part 2, we will discuss some audio tips and the value in taking strategic practice runs. Have fun with your smartphone camera. Go create something.