In this blog’s Part 1, award-winning BizVid Communications offered insights regarding your smartphone videos, along with video-delivery tips. 

In this blog’s Part 2, we will outline a few ways to maximize your voice delivery, and tips to make your video presentation more desirable and believable. 

Audio tips

There are external-microphone options for smartphones, but most users are assumed to to not be using them. If you are using your smartphone’s built-in microphone, you will like your audio outcome better if you try to keep the camera/ microphone within a few feet of your subject who is speaking. Audiences can be distracted when a video’s audio is inconsistent in volume, or far-away sounding. 

Whenever possible, stay close to your subject and your viewer will stay close to the message

Regarding the content of your video, remember that very few people can string more than a few sentences together. That is completely normal.  To make your video as impactful as possible, we like the idea of crafting a few “glance-worthy” bullet points.

Don’t make your glances obvious, but steal a look at your bullet point as part of your normal head movements. Study the delivery of lines from a soap opera. See if you can locate where the actors have stashed their lines during a rather lengthy diatribe.  

Regarding delivery, stay away from too many “uhhhhs” and “ahhhhhhs”.  Brief silence to collect your thoughts is always better, and substantially adds to your believability.

Also, converse rather than announce. Be yourself.

Practice makes… perfectly believable.

Practice these aforementioned tips, and toss in some purposeful eye contact with the smartphone camera. You will see a marked difference in your delivery, along with higher viewership and greater viewer retention. Fine tune your skills in delivering your message. It is generally okay to have a few takes. Remember, the little things will make a big difference. 

At BizVid Communications, we often tell our clients that it is not the big budgets, but the big ideas that make a great video.  So much the more with your smartphone productions. Go create something memorable.